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oneshape's Journal

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Welcome to oneshape.

This community is designed for all fans of Tool & A Perfect Circle.

walls & trsruiner have grown tiresome of all the other fan communities for each band. We hace specifically designed this community for all fans who have appreciated their music for years, and more to come. We aim to inspire other opinions and create a free flowing open based forum for the dedicated fans of both.

This community is an OPEN MEMBERSHIP but any 'comment wars' or misdoing acts of any kind will not be tolerated. All posts will be MODERATED, because we feel it's necessary that some post's are just completely irrelevant. You are welcome to post whatever you like, opinion wised. We have very few rules when it comes to this community.

one. stay on topic.
two. opinions are made to challenge your own, please keep an open-mind.
three. when posting pictures, of any kind, please please please use an lj-cut. many other communities members flame and whore up your friend's pages. <lj-cut text="what it's about">

if there are any problems, please feel free to contact us on AIM at anytime:
walls: aim = mature situation
trsruiner: aim = trsruiner

OR e-mail us at: oneshapeoneresolve@yahoo.com